CARE: Rescued baby dolphin.
CARE: Rescued baby dolphin. Denise Wild

Baby dolphin rescued at Agnes Water beach

A NEWBORN dolphin found struggling on the sands of Agnes Water beach on Saturday morning is now in the safe hands of Sea World.

Wildlife carer Yvonne Thompson said a mystery beach-goer alerted local environmentalist Amber Lowcock to the discovery.

The dolphin, which was found lying on its side in the sand, was then taken to Ms Thompson's house to be cared for while the Sea World rescue plane arrived.

"I've had a lot of rescue animals on my kitchen floor but never a baby dolphin," she said.

A baby dolphin was rescued from Agnes Water on Saturday morning
A baby dolphin was rescued from Agnes Water on Saturday morning Denise Wild

"I've mostly had kangaroos and a koala so this was a new experience for me."

The wildlife carer was advised to rest the dolphin on soft wet towels and spray it with sea water.

A Discovery Coast veterinarian also came to check on the animal's health.

"It looks like the pup collided with some rocks and has suffered some scratches," Ms Thompson said.

"It's very sad knowing the poor little thing has lost her mum, and having us around must have been equally traumatic.

"It's absolutely sad to see a newborn struggling and you just wonder what happened to its mum.

"The baby dolphin was lying there squeaking and sucking on Amber's leg. You could tell it was scared."

Ms Thompson said she drove the dolphin to the airport at 1pm on Saturday, where the Sea World rescue team were waiting.

Sea World veterinarian David Blyde was on board to take care of the animal.

"They gave the pup some eye drops and a shot of cortisone to help it with its breathing and make it comfortable."