The grandma managed to fight off the man.
The grandma managed to fight off the man.

Fake delivery driver tries to abduct kids

Police in Western Australia have ramped up their search for a man two days after a Perth grandmother bravely pushed him out of her home when he tried to abduct two of her grandchildren.

Police allege the man was posing as a delivery driver when he knocked on the grandma's Forrestfield home and told her he was there to deliver a letter.

Instead, he pulled on a motorbike helmet and forced his way into the home just after 10am on Wednesday.

After pushing past the 67-year-old grandmother, he confronted the three grandchildren inside. He then tried to get one of the girls, an eight-year-old, to leave the house with him, allegedly telling her, "Come with me, I won't hurt you."

When she refused, he tried on another of the grandchildren, a seven-year-old girl.

The grandma confronted the man, described by police as being of a stocky build, with olive skin and short black hair, and a fight broke out.

After trying to gag the grandmother, he fled the house.


The grandma managed to fight off the man.
The grandma managed to fight off the man.


Neighbours later told 9News they heard a terrified scream come from the home.

"I noticed a vehicle come down the drive, seemed to be in a hurry," neighbour Charlie Watschorn told 9News.

"After a few minutes I hear a girl scream; it sounded like a terrified scream.

"He seemed to know where he was going - when he come down he seemed to know."

The family migrated from India 10 years ago and said they have no idea why there were targeted.

In a press conference, Midland police detective Senior Sergeant Sean Bell appealed for the public's help.

"We're working very hard and doing everything we can to try and identify who this particular person is, and that's why we're asking for the public to help us," he said.

"My message to parents in general is be aware of where your children are at all times and, depending on the age of your children, if they're younger and out by themselves, make sure there's someone with them."

The man was driving a small grey or silver Honda CRV and the registration plate was covered at the time.


Police are hunting the man. Picture: 9News
Police are hunting the man. Picture: 9News