The Cashless Debit Card is back in the news after footage of it being used to buy beer.
The Cashless Debit Card is back in the news after footage of it being used to buy beer. FILE

Five big stories you may have missed

NEWS moves fast, and with new content uploaded to our website on a regular basis, it can be easy to overlook some truly informative pieces. 

Airconditioning in our schools 

It's been a much-debated and hotly (pardon the term) contested issue - whether or not schools should be airconditioned. 

It's been a battle between those who have been speaking out in support, such as local MP David Batt, and those who say it's worse for the environment and kids just need to toughen up. 

A cool change came when the State Government announced it would be bringing aircon to many of the region's classrooms, however, eight classrooms will go without - for now - sparking more political debate. 

Check out editor Adam Wratten's thoughts here

Paradise Dam controversy

The decision to release water from Paradise Dam, as well as lowering the structure, quickly became one of the most controversial moves the region has seen in recent years. 

With drought-stricken farmers in strict opposition, and a government adamant it's on the right track to protecting the safety of its people, it's a tough call. 

The Queensland Government has announced the terms of reference of its Paradise Dam flood management review, which has begun.

Adrian Pennington sacking

The community reeled in shock when health CEO Adrian Pennington was sacked from the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service. 

While no official explanation has been given so far, many in the community have come forward to support the former CEO in the form of protests and a petition as the government waits to make a decision on his sacking.

A top doctor in the region has even given praise in a leaked email.

Cashless card saga 

The Cashless Debit Card - whether you support it (as an independent poll found most of Hinkler does) or not - is an ongoing talking point. 

Video went viral of a man purchasing beer with his Indue cashless card, perhaps leaving the government a little red-faced.

Watch the video here.

The power of CCTV 

The power of technology came to the rescue of local business Into Love, who told the NewsMail about how they're using top quality CCTV cameras and social media to shame shoplifters into paying up. 

Following that, Bundaberg's Cha Cha Chocolate posted footage online of shoplifters loading up on chocolate. 

Just today, local community shop Angels posted footage online after a man stole from a donation box.