GOOD SPIRITS: Senior Constable Simon Burns (left) with the unfortunate backpacker and his two companions.
GOOD SPIRITS: Senior Constable Simon Burns (left) with the unfortunate backpacker and his two companions. Georgia Hughes

German backpacker locks himself in government building

AGNES WATER: Come for the relaxed lifestyle and sandy beaches, stay because you've locked yourself in the Rural Transaction Centre.

That's the story one German backpacker will be taking home after the weekend's events.

Georgia Hughes was volunteering at the Agnes Water Visitor Information Centre on Sunday morning when a young man asked her for directions to the bathroom.

A short while later the alarm at the Agnes Water Rural Transaction Centre, a local hub for government agencies, began to blare out across the quiet complex.

"I ran out the front (to the RTC) and there was the poor young bloke (inside), you could see him through the door," Mrs Hughes said.

"He had his hands over his ears and he was going 'I'm locked in, I can't get out!'"

"I said 'How the hell did you get in there?' and it turns out he'd taken a wrong turn on the way back and gone in the wrong room."

The door to the RTC had been locked overnight as usual, but hadn't quite latched shut - until it closed behind the unfortunate young man that morning.

Making matters worse was the fact the alarm was motion-activated, meaning once the noise had subsided he had to work out where to stand still in the corner or the commotion would start all over again.

The whole ordeal lasted 45 minutes and involved a police officer being called, library staff arriving to help, and a public call-out by Mrs Hughes on Facebook to try and find someone with a spare key.

"The policeman was highly amused by it all... he was laughing, the poor kid was laughing back," she said.

"Eventually (an RTC staff member) turned up with a key.

"There were cheers all around."

Mrs Hughes said she hadn't managed to get the backpacker's name - which means as far as this newspaper is concerned, he remains an international man of mystery.

"His two companions were standing out the front wondering why he was taking so long in the loo," Mrs Hughes said of our international man of mystery.