Man dies after being bitten by snake

A MAN in his 40s has died after a suspected brown snake bite at a Deeragun home in Townsville.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman said paramedics attended a Nightjar St property about 5.20pm Thursday where they found a man in a critical condition.

He was not transported from the scene.

The man was believed to be a 46-year-old and the snake responsible was believed to be an eastern brown snake about 1.5m long.

The eastern brown snake is responsible for causing more deaths than any other species of snake in Australia.

The highly-venomous snake is the second most toxic land snake in the world.

As bites from the species can be painless and often difficult to detect, those who suspect they have been bitten should be treated immediately.

Jamie Chapel from Chapel Pest Control and Snake Take Away said it was important for people to seek immediate medical attention if they believe they have been bitten by a snake.

"If you are ever bitten by a snake, or suspect you have been, never wait to call an ambulance, apply immediate first aid and call 000 - Don't try to catch or kill the snake yourself," Mr Chapel said.

He urged people to avoid touching the reptiles themselves and instead contact a licensed and insured snake catcher.

"No snake is ever harmless - it's either venomous or non-venomous," Mr Chapel said.

"It's not worth losing yours or someone else's life over," he said.

The eastern brown snake is commonly found between north Queensland and South Australia, however an isolated population is also known to occur in the Northern Territory.

The species is particularly prevalent in open grasslands, pastures and woodland, however eastern brown snakes have been known to cope and even thrive in areas of human disturbance.