Tax return chaos as myGov crashes


The Australian government's myGov portal has gone down.

As of 10am AEST on Friday, the online portal millions of Australians must now use to access their employer payment summaries in order to file their tax returns was unavailable.

The ATO tweeted, "Some of our services (incl. the portals & our online services via myGov) are currently unavailable or experiencing slowness. We're working on the issue & apologise for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for updates."

myGov tweeted, "There are currently some technical difficulties, including some people not being able to access myGov. We apologise for any inconvenience. We are urgently investigating the issue and we're working hard to fix this as quickly as possible."

The myGov website, which brings together government services including the ATO, Centrelink, Medicare and child support into one place, was launched in May 2013 but many Australians will be only now be activating their account.

Due to the rollout of Single Touch Payroll, many employees are not receiving a payment summary - previously known as a group certificate - for the first time. Instead they must register for myGov, and from there myATO, to access their information.

It comes after the union representing tax office workers warned the changes, combined with the government's just-legislated income tax cuts, were leading to unprecedented call volumes and crippling operations.

More to come.


An attempt to access myGov on Friday returned this message.
An attempt to access myGov on Friday returned this message.


It was later replaced by a “proxy error”.
It was later replaced by a “proxy error”.