Toowoomba, Darling Downs snubbed in ice action plan

TOOWOOMBA and the Darling Downs will not get the drug detoxification facilities it needs as part of the State Government's new action plan against methylamphetamines.

Despite consistent calls for detox services from health professionals, Labor's Action On Ice report featured nothing for Toowoomba.

People from the Darling Downs and south-west Queensland wanting to get clean from drugs and alcohol will still have to travel to Brisbane before they can be admitted to rehabilitation services like Sunrise Way.

Wendy Agar, CEO Sunrise Way. The rehab centre celebrates third anniversary. July 2017
Sunrise Way CEO Wendy Agar. Bev Lacey

The centre's CEO, Wendy Agar, who has been a vocal supporter for detox programs, said she hoped the Palaszczuk Government took the issue more seriously in the future.

"While there is nothing clearly outlined for our region directly, there certainly is potential for greater access to services through the general expansion of services and the Connecting Care to Recovery plan funding," she said.

"We were hoping that access to increased detoxification services would have been identified and addressed as a significant issue and look forward to continuing our conversation about what is needed here in Toowoomba and across the regions that we service."

The action plan, released on Saturday, outlines a three-pronged approach to curbing the effects of ice in Queensland.

This included reducing the supply and demand for the drug, as well as its harm on the community.

Health Minister Steven Miles was approached for comment.